Fundraising and Donations

Island Swimming Club is a registered non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of amateur sport.



Reduced funds from the BC government for sports programs such as ours, require us to reach out to our families and local businesses for support in raising more funds for our swim programs. 

The best way to fundraise for Island Swimming is to Volunteer at our Swim Meets.  Swim Meet revenue helps us keep our fees down.

Island Swimming holds a number of fundraisers over the year, such as swim-a-thons, bottle drives, and silent auctions at our major hosted meets.

If you have other ideas for fundraising, please contact the fundraising committee (or even volunteer for it!).

Application for Fundraising Approval

Community Fundraising


Peninsula Co-Op Fundraising

Island Swimming Club is a proud member of Peninsual Co-Op's Cash Back program.

You can help Island Swimming raise funds by shopping at Penisula Co-Op Stores and buying gas from Peninsula Co-Op.


Peninsula Co-Op


COBS Bread Fundraising

 Island Swimming Club is a proud member of COBS Dough Raiser Program.

Simply mention Island Swimming club, and COBS will donate a percentage of  your purchase back to the club during the specified time frame. The more members involved, the more money raised.

ISLANDS Dough Raiser # 5898

COBS Bread